As the title suggests mall sales are being called off in Australia as gets nearer to it Australian launch.

Private equity giant Blackstone Group has called off the sale of its A$3.5 billion ($2.8 billion) Australian shopping mall portfolio, a source of said as Amazon planned the launch of its online shopfront service in Australia draws nearer.

Not that there was any interest in purchasing the entire portfolio based mainly in Melbourne and Sydney.

While Amazon already provides a few services in Australia already such as Kindle and Audible, the upcoming online store front of products (that Amazon is famous for) has been revving up the ante, as a flurry of jobs has been listed on its LinkedIn page.

Over 290 jobs have been listed in Australia (8 jobs for Amazon web services in NZ) over the last two months.

Amazon’s e-commerce¬†site is the 11th most popular site in the world which has not only been seen as a blessing to consumers but also as a threat to traditional brick and mortar stores.

Last year Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar grocery store in Seattle without lines or checkout counters, kicking off new competition with supermarket chains and raising questions to how much Amazon is expanding from digital into real life.

Amazon plans to have its Australian website up and running by the end of 2018.