Some of my biggest gripes about smartwatches are how bulky and manlike they are.

After having gone through many painful iterations of the smartwatch, my dismay was evident when finally someone (namely Huawei) got it right functionally and aesthetically only to realise that on my wrist it looked like a female wearing a male’s watch.

Well ladies, no longer shall we burdened with bulky smartwatches that make our demure wrists look broad and masculine.

No! We deserve better, we deserve beauty and function, classic, high-end wristwatch design crafted with premium materials.

We deserve the Huawei SmartWatch – Elegant & Jewel design.

The initial Huawei SmartWatch released last year has been an absolute success with sales in NZ exceeding inventory.  It was so popular that on launch they sold out, with many upset at Huawei for not foreseeing the high public demand, therefore the poor ole public who didn’t pre-order had to wait until the next shipments arrived.

Now with the Huawei Watch Elegance and Jewel are we about to see a repeat of the high public demand?

Well for me yes.  As a female, chick, sheila, better half I want a smartwatch.  I just don’t want any smartwatches currently on the market due to the fact they UGLY and uncomfortable for my wrist.

I want a watch that quite frankly looks more feminine and will suit what I’m wearing.

The technology in the watch is the same as the watch released late last year, so when it comes to function, technological advancement and durability I’m sold.   For my hard earned cash the decision is coming down to looks.

The Huawei SmartWatch Elegant
The Huawei SmartWatch Elegant
The Huawei Watch Jewel
The Huawei Watch Jewel

And the Huawei Watch Elegance and Jewel have the look I’m after.   Huawei Elegant features a distinctive top ring design on a rose-gold plated body, and the Jewel features 68 Swarovski Zirconia encircling the face. To further match their distinctive look, Elegant and Jewel will both come with a selection of exclusive watch faces.

Due for release in March, and available online from this is one watch I am eager to get my hands on.