11 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts II we finally have a release date for Square Enix’s much loved Game Kingdom Hearts.

Originally supposed to be released this year, Kingdom Hearts will be available on January 29, 2019, where we will see the epic Disney cross with Final Fantasy game hit our consoles and make its way back into our hearts.

This Kingdom Hearts will see Frozen and Tangled princesses as well as Wreck it Ralph who will meet our hero Sora, who travels around with Goofy and Mickey Mouse to save Disney Worlds from the bad guys known as ‘the heartless’.

The trailer which you can see below was debuted during Xbox’s conference a few days before Square Enix’s conference

However, the length of time it has taken for this game to be released has set expectations very high and the odd absence of sound fx in the trailer has left a few people scratching their heads as the dialogue was highlighted rather than the focus of the characters.

And while that may seem odd to say, as dialogue and story is important, this game has always been a fun and light-hearted experience with a, particularly light story.

Focusing on an in-depth story that isn’t there is an odd thing to highlight….or perhaps there was no real effort made in the E3 Trailer.

However, during Square Enix’s conference at E3, the company revealed a more polished Kingdom Hearts III trailer which unfortunately showed nothing new, leaving fans wanting.

Despite Square Enix closely guarding its secrets, I would prepare your Keyblades fellow Kingdom Heart Fans, this one I can tell you is going to have all the feels.

The game will be available on Xbox One and PS4.


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