Jordan Raskopoulos an Australian comedian recently created a social media content piece with Intel Australia, it garnered hundreds of comments but for all the wrong reasons.

Australians who are also in the midst of a survey to legalise gay marriage, were tragically commenting on Jordan’s performance because she is a transgender.

The comments got so bad that Intel had to remove them and post a response, but refused to remove the post just because of some people’s sensibilities.

Still this didn’t stop some people from attacking Intel through Jordon with thinly veiled criticism implying that Intel missed the mark using Jordan for hitting the target market.

Some comments even said they would jump to Intel’s competitors because of the use of Jordan.

But the issue isn’t just the outwardly disgusting behaviour of Australians on Intel’s Facebook page but the passive aggressive bigotry.

The use of Jordan Raskopoulos for Intel was because she was a comedian.

Jordan is a well known whovian fan (it’s how I myself first discovered Jordan), gaming fan and respected comedian, the fact that Australians used her to attack a company by using her gender and hiding behind “she’s not funny” is a weird and disjointed argument to fuel a not so well hidden agenda of discrimination.

Her gender was never mentioned, explored or highlighted by Intel, yet people like Scott and Connor above, chose to mention it, highlighting her gender or Intels inclusion of diversity.

Why?  Why was it so important for others to highlight to Intel that Jordan was transgender?  Why is it okay to say Jordan is not appropriate to the target audience?

If it was Will.I.Am would they highlight to Intel that he was black? Would they say it was inappropriate? Would they accuse Intel of trying to be relevant?

The answer for most of those (who commented at least) is probably yes, because the video of two comedian white guys who previously hosted a kids tv show posted 2 days earlier garnered 9 likes and 0 comments even though it was viewed over 3,000 times at the time of writing this (see below)


But Jordan’s video’s reached over 200K views (per video) compared to (the above) two seemingly straight white guys, so whether or not you like Jordan as a comedian or not, one thing is for sure….

Jordan at the end of the day was a better investment for Intel even with Australia’s passive aggressive bigotry.

How we deal with Bigotry in the tech and gaming circles is the real problem, not the use of Jordan Raskopoulos.

And thats the real question… how do companies tell bigots to fuck off?