Fight of the Gods is probably blasphemous, It will probably offend, it’s most definitely not for the politically correct or sensitive.

Let me explain with this video…

It’s also pretty funny and an awesome novelty game to play.

As twitch user fmeliton said “This is hilarious to watch after having done studies of religion essays.”

A 2D fighting game that reminds me a bit of 90’s mortal kombat ‘Fight of the Gods’ allows you to play as one of the God characters, to take on other religious icons.

Don’t mistake me this isn’t an AAA game but even then it’s still a fun game purely for the novelty of fighting as a religious icon.

For instance, I played as Jesus (mainly cause of healing abilities and I could paraphrase some of his scriptures as I played) and took on a very very fit looking Buddha (Buddha had an eight pack, I thought he was supposed to be jolly big man) and various other entities of the higher planes.

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It’s important to note this is an Early access Steam Game, meaning it may or may not be added but for the meager price of $4.99USD (until Sep 12) it’s still a fun game to play in arcade or vs mode.


There is, of course, Jesus, who uses his broken bits of the cross as boxing gloves, slays opponents with holy light and has one killer hug move…cause Jesus is a loving type of fellow.

Buddha who looks like he has given up the big belly and has been working hard at the gym can still kick ass despite not being able to kick.

Moses, (who technically is a prophet rather than a God) will bash you with the 10 commandments…oh so many comments I could place here…but watch out for this old guy, he’s got some serious speed moves, after all, it looks like he’s just climbed down the mountain, found his people worshipping a golden cow and he needs to vent, in particular on your arse.

There is also Zeus (Greek God of the Sky and Thunder), Odin – the King of the Norse Gods, Guang Gong the Taoist God of War, Athena the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, Sif another Goddess from the Norse realm wife to Thor and goddess of Fertility of the earth (which explains why she looks hot), Anubis – the Egyptian god of the afterlife and finally Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the Sun and the Universe.

And while there is a good assortment of characters for an Early Access game, there is still room for more, in particular, such as the thousands of Indian Gods, God the father of Jesus, Mohammed, the rest of the Greek and Norse Gods, Maori Gods (I for one would love to see Maui, Rangi, and Papatunuku kicking some arse).


zeus vs odin

It’s pretty simple, you select a character and then kick arse.

There is no story line and its better that way, a storyline is asking for even more trouble.

However, I think we can all agree that when it comes to religious arguments, this is a much better platform to be settling differences.

Game design

This is not an AAA game so don’t even trip when it comes down to the fact that this is just a solid 2D fighting button bashing game.

As mentioned earlier it does look like it’s a 90’s game, but that doesn’t diminish from the enjoyment factor.

It does annoy me that Jesus and Moses are white, but it’s a small gripe – there is a super sayan looking Jesus though.

The backgrounds are changeable, and they are ok, Fighting in the middle of the divided Red Sea is a pretty awesome scene.

Power moves are again Ok,

fmeliton suggests upgrading the God’s powermoves wouldn’t go amiss such as “Jesus’s power move should be him exploding the inside of his tomb and the big rock blocking the entrance hitting the enemy.”

But this is where the Early Access comes in and the developers have some great news.

“For the full version of Fight Of Gods we are looking to increase the roster size and ship additional modes, including online play.” said the developers. and they are asking the community to suggest the Gods

In addition, the developers are asking the community to suggest the Gods they want to see in the community chat on steam

Pricing and Availability

This game is currently only $4.99USD until Sep 12 on Steam which it will then go up to $7.99USD.

It’s only available on Steam at the moment.

For the price, I would highly recommend it if you are not superstitious about the Gods or find it blasphemous.

It’s a simple fun fighting game which, to be honest, I did enjoy.

Although just to be safe I’m going to church on Sunday to apologize just in case…in the meantime, I’m going to get a few more games in.

Overall Rating

I give this game a 3 stars out of 5.  But it gets 5 stars for hilariousness

With more characters it will bump it up to 4