Well it looks like the rumours were all true.

Apple released the iphone 8 AND their new flagship phone iphone X, with all the features that you can get from the Samsung 8.

In terms of whether this is a phone worth getting, well if you are an iPhone user then yes, if you are not, then don’t waste your money.

And I seriously mean, keep your $1579-$1829 AUD in your pocket.

If you are wanting to switch to Apple then go for the Apple 7 which will be much cheaper after launch.

While it has no home button (which for apple users this would be quite the adjustment) this seems to be the only subtraction with a large quantity of features to play catch up with other smartphone makers.

The new iPhone 8 carries on the Apple styling

The face recognition has already been implemented in phones, particularly the Samsung 8 of late, Google Nexus and  Huawei which have had it for years, .

And it’s already known that face id has some serious privacy and security concerns in terms of involuntary logins (but that’s a whole different story) that are still being tested.

So in terms of tech…nothing new.

Design wise the iPhone X is quite attractive…it looks more like a Samsung phone as it moves away from its traditional design going for the bezel edge (or no edge screen, think of those infinity pool illusions or a Samsung phone).

However the iPhone 8 retains the look of the traditional design which most users have come to love and enjoy.

The reality though is will the new iPhones be able to cover the loss of declining sales to gain its original place in the mobile market?

Probably not straight off.

The price is too high for the most coveted millennial market to consider right now,  the older generations who have the disposable income to invest probably will upgrade to keep up appearances, but in terms of gaining new customers the new Iphones aren’t exciting enough to warrant such a trade in price and features.

I think the facial recognition would be fantastic in the iMacs but again would be playing catchup to other laptop and desktop companies.

I’m sorry Apple I just can’t get excited about a phone that has features I have already seen and or use.

But to all my Apple fanbois, I’m happy for you.