Intel made it rain on Mobileye, a vision technology firm for driverless cars, scaring the bejeezus out of other chipmakers Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Qualcomm & Nvidia have been partnering with automakers to develop driverless systems.

Intel’s purchase of Mobileye pushes Intel to the forefront of automakers as the company already supplies 27 global automakers.

And there is a reason why the chipmakers are getting real when it comes to driverless cars…. a $290 billion dollar reason.

In 8yrs the driverless market is expected to be worth 96billion, in 18yrs it’s expected to reach $290 billion.

Mobileye is critical to the industry with its sensor technology, mapping, machine learning, & “awareness” technology already used by major car players.

In an email to Intel employees who were like “we bought what?”, Intel CEO said

“Many of you have asked why we think autonomous cars and vehicles are so important to Intel’s future. The answer is DATA. Our strategy is to make Intel the driving force of the data revolution across every technology and every industry. We are a DATA company. The businesses we focus on, and deliver solutions to, create, use and analyze massive amounts of data.

I recently had a chance to speak at the LA Auto show and the title of my presentation was “Data is the New Oil.” My message was simple: automobiles and the automotive industry are increasingly driven by data and computing. The saying “What’s under the hood” will increasingly refer to computing, not horsepower.”

Intel…you smooth nerds….