Intel is acquiring San Diego-based start-up company Nervana Systems to bolsters its artificial intelligence capabilities.

Nervana will be developing Intel’s artificial intelligence portfolio and enhance the deep learning performance of Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors.

Naveen Rao in a blog post stated

“Intel is formally committing to pushing the forefront of AI technologies.  Nervana intends to continue all existing development efforts including the Nervana Neon deep learning framework, Nervana deep learning platform, and the Nervana Engine deep learning hardware.”

Nervana’s products included cloud-based machine learning platforms ‘Nervana Cloud’ for exploring machine learning for researchers right through to hobbyists.

“The combination of Nervana’s technology and expertise incorporated into Intel’s portfolio will take deep learning/AI solutions to the next level.  We will continue to operate out of our San Diego Headquarters and will retain our talent, brand, and start-up mentality.” Rao said.