Instagram gets better engagement for Brands then facebook , 3x more engagement.

A study by Socialbakers that examined hundreds of millions of posts on Facebook and Instagram said that while Facebook may have twice as many global users as Instagram, its the photo app that sees brands and celebrities garnering 3.6 times more when compared apples to apples with Facebook.

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has rapidly become one of the world’s largest and best-loved social platforms. It is home to more than 800M active monthly users and more than 2 million advertisers, who are leveraging Instagram’s visual capabilities to promote their products and services.

The rising number of marketers present on Instagram means that the platform is being increasingly used for ads and sponsored posts.

This increase in competition means it’s more important than ever for marketers to build a strategy that results with clear business results. Guessing which Instagram posts to promote is a risky strategy that leads to unwise budget choices.

“The relevance of content to your audience is the top priority when it comes to delivering maximized impact on social media”, said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers. “Publishing and promoting content on Instagram without knowing how it’s resonating with your target audience means you can easily invest in the wrong content. Socialbakers is providing marketers with smart, data-driven recommendations to help them maximize their business impact on Instagram”.

“I definitely would not advise moving spend away from Facebook—it has too much scale and reach,” Jan Rezab, chairman and founder of SocialBakers said. “It’s that they should start putting more emphasis on Instagram. Look at it less as just a photos platform and more of a conversion platform play.”