The new year has been and gone, time to speculate of whats going to happen this year. As you know, the HashtagME team are champions when it comes to Tech, Media, Social, Culture etc, so we have come up with some predictions for 2014.

Phone Companies

  1. Apple will sue someone (guess who)
  2. Samsung will get sued by someone (guess who)
  3. Blackberry will stay quiet but due to info from inside sources, they will make another go at it, whether its in cellphones though remains to be seen
  4. Nokia with Windows will make a dent in the otherwise duo-oploy that is Android and iPhone
  5. Google will continue their trend of “Pure Android” phones – that are cheaper and easier to use
  6. People may get sick of tablets and go back to “light weight” laptops with good battery life.


  1. Nintendo will make a stronger play for the movement gaming market this year in NZ with the Wii U
  2. We are going to start hearing whispers of game development for 3D gaming experiences
  3. Android will make a stronger bid for the gaming market.

Social Media

  1. Despite Facebook for the ‘young ones’ declining in membership we think a new resurgence will take place with Facebook adding new features specifically designed for the mobile market.
  2. Twitter will face a tough year this year, not only in membership but in revenue. It wont be the end far from it, but they’ll probably focus more on development this year in order to compete with other quick message apps.
  3. Instagram & Vine – These two are in the same category as this is probably going to be like the Android, iPhone wars this year. With a decline to use Facebook from youth, this market will start looking for a new place to reside and these two will battle it out. 2013 was the gaming wars, 2014 will be the picture wars.
  4. Reddit – the self confessed front page of the internet, will start to see an increase in membership, but not because of its social aspect but because of its effort to ramp up its revenue by adding reddit gifts which will be a very strong competitor against easy
  5. Myspace – their big launch was pretty cool, but alas it just couldn’t keep up the momentum.  This year we are going to see alot of celebrity endorsements as a final bid to have Myspace bought back to its hipster hey day. Though it could backfire e.g. Blackberry/Alicia Keys
  6. Bebo – will definitely be the one to watch this year, and Myspace may want to take some tips. Moving away from the commonly known social media scene Bebo is looking to hit the mobile market with more than just a app to rule them all. Like Windows entering the mobile duo-oploy, Bebo will enter the Instagram/Vine wars
  7. Youtube. 2013 has been tough for Youtube. Most people are getting annoyed with it. But Youtube is going through a massive change, a structural change and this year we are going to see pay-per-episodes become more relevant and begin to enrage the networks (1 point to the cord cutters). 2014 is going to be a big shakeup for the TV industry that is already struggling and if they dont adapt quickly well we know what happened to VHS don’t we? Youtube are already running their own shows…However this also means the hipsters, the dedicated film-makers and the artists will want somewhere else to go, somewhere not so commercial. Perhaps Perhaps Vimeo? Youtube will also attempt to do another award show…*groan*…they will need to make it more professional and actually worth something to be taken seriously…for the sake of all things visually entertaining we hope they do it right this time.


  1. TradeMe – with already declining sales in favor of Facebook sale pages we can only predict a further decline for 2014.
  2. I think the other trading sites such as Sella or Wheedle will be on their last legs. Not because their sites aren’t good, or that they don’t cater because both would be lies, it would be more due to entering the game late and failing to take into account the evolution of the impact of the social media markets.
  3. Reddit I think is going to be the big contender this year against Etsy, not really a huge competition but not due to its size or market share, but due to its brilliance in etching out a niche market and capitalising on it. A marketplace dedicated to geekery? Genius!
  4. Etsy however is the mother of creating a marketplace within a niche market. And if Sella and Wheedle really want to stay in the e-commerce game, both sites are going to have to take a leaf out of Etsy’s homemade, vintage and unique book.
  5. Amazon and Tablets are intertwined. While tablet companies work on defining what tablets are for, Amazon may take the initiative to educate them and focus more on the versatility of their e-book range will be considerably cheaper for transport than the drones that will be doing same day deliveries 🙂


Well watches are a given, and so are glasses (Google will either finally roll it out or forget it). Will buy them just for the sake of having them…like we did with tablets. So we predict a hysteria of buying tech stuff that will keep us connected to the internet wherever, whenever. Facebook pages, Instagrams and Vines and any social media sharing site are about to get inundated with videos of people walking through parks…and none will have a decent battery life.


  1. Google will add stuff – and tell you its a good thing
  2. Apple will remove stuff – and tell you its a good thing
  3. Windows will add stuff in pretty boxes
  4. None of them will be perfect and all will be a pain in the ass when the updates come through.


Personal Predictions


“I will probably end up owning a Xbox one….because Phid McAwesome would have found a way to justify it…or he found my credit card.”


“I will probably end up back on Android, Google are now the innovators. I can see optical drives facing a massive decline in use across all platforms with DLC becoming king this year! Streaming media will become mainstream with podcasting, live online radio and TV growing to become a serious competitor to traditional media, with traditional media even moving more and more content online. I will eventually convince Charis that i should own an Xbox One or PS4…. however this year may well be the year Steam step up and become a serious contendor for your lounge gaming.”


“Tech predictions and some wishes. We need to see 4G mobile networks available throughout more of NZ – and I mean MORE of NZ, not just parts of the 2-3 largest cities. We pay a premium here for mobile and fixed line services so it’s about time we were getting more bang for our buck.

Broadband providers need to be either dropping data caps or offering at least reasonable amounts of data for the price as well. NZ is a global joke with data pricing.

I’d like to see more 4K TV’s available in NZ. Prices won’t drop until there are more on the market. With that said I think mobile devices will start coming out with 4K equivalent screens. Perhaps Apple will leap ahead with this on the iPhone 6.

I think there will be a couple of new Social Media services pop up this year. With the big players ever increasing hunger for money making them platforms for advertising people will happily jump ship to get back to the basics if it’s uninterrupted.”


“I’ll simplify my tech universe in terms of apps and devices used – One good laptop and one good phone works for me. Want to get back in to gaming but might just end up just mobile gaming. Cord cutting appeals, if my freeview box dies…not bothered, Apple TV and Android TV rocks. Still waiting on my flying car. I also predict that I’ll send up getting a Note 3 or 4 because Apple still will not release a 6-7 inch iPhone/Pad. $%!$%^…”


You can find the predictions show here 
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