Rich Communication Services or RCS is the next big thing in text marketing.

And yes, text marketing is a thing and it’s going to make you think twice before you nonchalantly enter your mobile number into those online competitions.

Image of what an RCS message will look like on your phone

Millions of businesses already rely on SMS to communicate with customers.   Credit card fraud alerts, flight status updates, and package delivery notifications are common examples of business to consumer SMS.

These business already send SMS messages, reaching billions of people, but it offers a very basic experience both for consumers and for businesses.

RCS is effectively upgrading business SMS with rich media, interactivity, branding and better analytics.

With RCS business messaging, businesses can engage mobile customers in new ways with more useful and dynamic messages.

Which is great if you are a business – you can keep your customer engaged.

However for consumers this could probably get very very annoying.

Especially if spamming starts to occur.  And we all know there will be one that will drive us insane by sending pointless and useless content.

Plus it will be unbelievably creepy if they can tell in Analytics whether or not I have read my text, like they can with Email.

Now Android phones are capable of receiving RCS through its Android messaging app, what Google’s tool does is it customises RCS messages to convert to SMS or MMS if you happen to have a really really old Android phone or a dumb phone.

Thats right…not even your dumb phone will be safe from marketers.

Google is currently running a Early Access Program with its RCS platform Jibe (which it acquired in 2015) and is looking to connect mobile operators and messaging solution platform providers.

Prepare thyself for the messaging wars.