When Google eventually takes over the home appliance market (and the world), it will be because of a little startup that cost Google 3.2 billion dollars to acquire.   Nest was founded by two Apple engineers who decided they wanted to make the boring appliances in the home beautiful and interactive.

While the rest of the electronic companies focus on the wearable tech market,  Google Nest focuses on the home   appliances…but we are not talking toasters or jugs…those appliances are just way too exciting.  Nope think Thermostats and smoke alarms….I kid you not.  And unlike Googles other products, Nest is not a software…its hardware.

Google Nest doesnt seek to invent, it seeks to reinvent the boring yet necessary home appliances and  use them to make the home even safer, more exciting and more convienent.  Take for instance the thermostat, nice simple useful, hardly exciting, but once it went through the Google Nest out popped an “electronic, programmable, and self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling of homes and businesses to conserve energy” device.  And just as it says its optimization and energy cost saving is based around its ability to learn your homes schedule and preferences and auto program itself.  It then matches up to your heating system (provided its a system match) to activate custom cost saving cooling and heating initiatives.  Yep its the smartthermo.

Its not surprising that former Apple engineers came up with a reinvention scheme.  Its not surprising that Google saw the possibilities in reinventions, after all thats what Apple & Google are famous for, making stuff already available better.  What is surprising is the quietness about the whole project.  Google’s glass project has overshadowed Google Nest, a company that could possibly be a game changer and a true threat to current electronic manufacturers, as it seeks to further adapt its range. Remember Google Nest is not software, its hardware.  So its relationship with washing machine makers whirlpool and automatic garage door opener Chamberlin is also not a surprise.

So while the rest of the technology world focuses on wearable tech, smartphones and curved TV’s, a possible massive game play is in action from the company that is currently distracting you with glasses that connect you to the internet.  Google’s not just after your clothes, they’re after your home as well.  Nice Play Google, Nice Play.



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