Google intends to detect cancer and other health issues by simply taking a pill. Google X Life Sciences division has been working on a pill that sends nanoparticles built with magnetic material and antibodies or microscopic protein particles into the bloodstream that attach to or detect other molecules that are causing the body harm in the early stages.

Andrew Conrad, the head of Google X Life Sciences made the announcement at a conference on Tuesday suggesting that the molecules would be identified through a wearable device. As the nano particles are magnetic, the particles released (after taking the pill) could be ‘called’ back to one place for further analysis. The project known as the ‘NanoPlatform’ is part of Google’s focus on technology improving the health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases. Of which Google have been focusing for a while, evident in the formation of Calico (a new company by google started in 2013 which houses scientists in the fields of medicine, drug development, molecular biology, and genetics.)

Every test you ever go to the doctor for will be done through this system,” Andrew Conrad – Head of Google X Life Sciences

However while the Google cancer pill is not complete yet, its not that far away either with an expected ETA of 5 years. As researchers are yet to find coatings that will help the particles bind to specific cells… well as a device that doesn’t need frequent charging.

One of the concerns raised and a common complaint is privacy. Andrew Conrad has said Google won’t store the data itself. However if you’re thinking of “how will Google make money?”, the answer lies in Google’s ability to license the technology and software distribution.

So far 100 Google employees are working on the nanoplatform project all from various fields such as electrical engineering, astrophysics and chemistry. No word yet on how much has been spent on the project.

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