Last year a group of ragtag gamers from Youtube, Twitch and various podcasts got together and raised $6500 for Children’s Hospitals.

“We went to the first PAXAus together. Wide eyed and full of disbelief we saw this wonderful community that had seemingly popped up out of nowhere that we never dreamed existed in Australia. After the PAX blues set in we started thinking of a way to fill the void (and failing to do so) we started thinking up ideas for our own event… 3 years later we finally agreed on an idea and GenerOZity happened.” Joel Rennie, GenerOZity Co-Founder

This Friday GenerOZity returns with a goal of raising more this year for Child’s Play , a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide.

This years GenerOZity boasts an impressive roster of gamers such as LoserFruit, James Turner, SuperAngryBrothers and also our own Phid McAwesome.

Phid, representing Hashtag Radio will be joining Horse Skeleton, You Game Bro? and The Ate Bit Podcasts as a part of the Australian Gaming Podcast Network.

“With GenerOZity having a group of podcasters this year to help raise money for child’s play, it only felt right that AGPN provides a group of local and popular Podcaster to join the roster. We know that word of good will is spread by word of mouth, so why not have the most listen to people in gaming industry help spread that word. With over 50 australian based podcasts helping spread the word it’s the least we can do.” – Pez , AGPN

The show will be streamed live on GenerOZity’s Twitch channel, as well as simulcast on, commencing at 7:30pm NZT , 5:30PM AEDT on January the 20th (Running through to 6:00PM AEDT on Sunday the 22nd of January.)