Fitbit’s quarterly revenue is on track according to the wearable tech company, sending share prices rocketing up and over 7%.

Investors are betting on Fitbit’s new launches such as the new “Higgs” to bolster sales, after the company struggled with a not so great holiday period compounded by production issues.

The new smartwatch nicknamed project “Higgs” will be able to make touchless payments, as well as store and play music from Pandora.

The watch is also said to include a heart-rate monitor, built-in GPS and last four days before requiring charging.

It was rumored that Fitbit would be working with Spotify, however, have instead partnered with Pandora, as Spotify are said to be also working on their wearable range as the company looks to expand its revenue avenues.

Other new products include project’Parkside’.

Earbuds that will come in two colours, ‘Nightfall Blue’ and ‘Lunar Grey’ and are expected to follow in the design footsteps of Apple’s Beats X earbuds.

Fitbits new earbuds “Parkside” are estimated to be retailing from $150 while the smartwatch “Higgs” is yet to be valued.