It’s always sad when one of your favourite tech toys that has seen better days needs replacing.   This time it was my trusty old FitBit Charge.  My one thing that could get me moving every day to hit my goal of 10 thousand steps.

Without my FitBit Charge I wasn’t taking every opportunity to walk the long way to a meeting, take the scenic route to the shops or just jump around like an idiot in the kitchen trying to get my steps up.


After a fast burial in the back of the kitchen drawer it was time to start giving my husband subtle (as a brick to the head) hints about replacing my FitBit for Mothers Day.  My sister in law had a sexy little number being the FitBit Alta.  I coveted it and was super keen to get my hands on one.

My super husband came through!!!  He and my son presented me with my brand spanking new FitBit Alta for Mothers Day.  Super husband ticked up a zillion brownie points.


Straight off I really liked the strap and the style of the FitBit Alta HR.  It felt lighter to wear than my FitBit Charge.  The tracker is now a slimmer piece across your wrist as opposed to the larger rectangular design of the FitBit Charge.  The strap is a more traditional watchband design.  There are a few colour options available for the strap when purchasing being black, blue grey, fuchsia or coral. There are also a couple of ‘special edition’ colours available as well. You can switch up the colour with other options available via the FitBit website and with straps made from leather also.   I have the black gunmetal colour which is my go to colour for matching with everything.  For me it felt more like I was wearing a wrist band as opposed to a wrist watch.


The FitBit Alta HR still has the traditional functions of the FitBit range.

You can still count your steps, distance walked, calories burned and your active minutes.  What was new to me was the reminders to keep moving.  This is a great reminder when you are stuck at a desk job that requires more bum on seat time than beat the feet time.  You target completing 250 steps per hour and when the reminder hits it is a good time to go and fill your drink bottle, sneak over to see your work buddy for a gossip or head out to get a coffee.  This function is a great motivator to keep moving through the day.


Another new function for me is the notifications from your phone. I often leave my phone in my handbag and miss text messages or calls.  Now I can be on the other side of the house and not miss important text messages about if we need milk or chocolate.  If a call drops into your phone it will come up with the name of the caller so you know if you should hustle to catch the call.  This function is super handy for me and has meant that I don’t miss out on important things like having someone pick me up chocolate or catching a ride home from work.

The Alta has the sleep monitoring function but it has been souped-up.  When you consult the app in the morning you not only see how many hours sleep you got but whether it was light, REM or deep sleep. The app will show you a graph of how your sleep pattern looks.  I love this part of having a FitBit.  If I wake up in the morning looking shabby and cranky as anything I can blame it on my lack of sleep.

If you keep your FitBit on overnight then you can take advantage of the alarm function.  This was also on my previous FitBit Charge.  It gently wakes you up in the morning by vibrating around your wrist.  There’s no blaring rude alarm sound to scare the bejeebers out of you.  However, if you are going to turn the alarm off make sure that you have your FitBit on.  I thought I had successfully turned it off on the Sunday night of a long weekend.  I put it on the charge on my husband’s side of the bed.  You can imagine how pleased he was when it started vibrating on the dresser first thing in the morning.


Battery life is great with charging only required about once a week.

If you haven’t had a fitbit with the heart rate function, this is cool.  We have a BP at the bottom of the hill from my office.  This hill is steep.  Really steep.  So, when I make it back up to the office again and am panting like a thirsty dog I can see what my heart rate is.  Those that are a lot more athletic will appreciate this function to see if they are maintaining their heart rate in the right zone for the exercise they are doing. This can make exercising way more productive and has a huge impact on endurance by avoiding pushing too hard too early in a workout.

The only function missing from my old FitBit charge is the monitoring of how many “floors” you have climbed.  I do miss this function because it motivated me to climb the big hills or take the stairs rather than the elevator.  However, this is not a deal breaker.  All the other functions of the FitBit are fantastic.

If you are thinking of buying a FitBit or upgrading your old one I highly recommend the sharp looking, light weight FitBit Alta HR.



two-color Logo lock up for Alta HR.