One of the signs that winter has landed…ice cold mornings that don’t warm up even when the sun is out.

And while a jacket will most definitely keep you warmer than if you didn’t have one, this heated jacket will make you feel like you’ve never left the comfort of your warm snuggly blankets on your bed.

At $169 USD or $242 NZD ($224 AUD) excluding battery which has to be bought separately this jacket will also not only warm your jacket, it will also charge your phone.

The 12V battery will cost you an additional $70 USD ($93 AUD, $100 NZD), and will charge your phone 3-4 times and will last 6.5hrs of continuous running on low, High will keep you toasty warm for 2.5hrs.

You can find get your heated jacket here at Raven’s website.


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