In a much-needed move to eradicate fake news, Twitter and Facebook have joined forces with 30 other technology companies to create a network aiming to tackle the false news stories that flood our news feeds.

First Draft Coalition, formed in June 2015 with the backing of Alphabet Inc’s Google, said it would create a voluntary code of practice, promote news literacy among social media users, and launch a platform where members can verify questionable news stories.

Members of the group include the New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, Agence France-Presse and CNN.

Some of whom have been fooled themselves by fake articles or stories.

Whilst this is great news for those looking for actual stories to share, this won’t necessarily improve the quality of your news, as news agencies remove editorial oversight and gripping journalism in favor of clickbait in a misguided view that clicks = cares.

This lack of critical eye has resulted in a sad increase of dodgy and/or bulls*** stories.

There is no doubt that we need fake stories removed in the interest of truth, its a shame we can’t filter out crappy new stories in the interest of integrity.