Reviewing the highly anticipated game of the year Fallout 4 on PS4 has required me to dedicate endless hours in the name of research.

And every single second I have spent staring at my LG FHD screen has been worth it.

If you don’t have this game then you need to buy it, no question about it – this is worth every dollar in the $120 NZD price tag on the PSN Network.

What is this game about?

Fallout 4 is the fifth installment in a series based on an alternate history reality which transforms into a post-apocalyptic world.

In the story of Fallout 4 your character was in Boston in the 22nd century (which btw us heavily inspired by 1950s design) when a nuclear war broke out.

You, your wife and your newborn son are saved by entering ‘The Vault’ where you and your family are placed in cryogenic chambers.

In an incredible example of mismanagement, you awaken from your chamber 210 years later into the year 2287 and a place now known as the commonwealth.

To find out more about the past games and how they relate to each other, made a great video called Fallout in 5mins

What style of gameplay is it?

This is a single player RPG (role playing genre) Action game.  It requires you to scavenge, collect bottlecaps, make friends, build sanctuaries, fight monsters etc.

It’s important to note that how you interact with others can affect how your ‘companions’ act towards you and others.

Is it similar to other Fallouts?

I have no idea, I’ve never played the others.

How long does it take to play?

I have no idea, it took me 2 days to leave the vault, then another 5 days to leave the area near the vault.  In 7 days I’m no where anywhere near starting letting alone finishing.  There is just so much to do in the game!

Can kids play it?

The game is rated M for Mature so this is for 17yr olds and up.  Most teenagers though could probably handle the content, but you’ll never get off the game long enough or pass over the controller to test this out.

I’ve heard its real buggy on console?

Whether you are on PS4 or Xbox One you are going to hit those glitches every now and then.

If you want the perfect game experience you would have to turn to PC gaming.  But this goes for every game out there available on all gaming platforms.

I’ve never hit a game yet on any console that doesn’t glitch.  However, if you downloaded the game onto your PS4 and play offline it is noticeably laggier.  This  disappears though when you re-connect

Is it as addictive as I’ve heard?

By now you would have heard the stories of sick notes created for employers by bethesda (Fallout 4 game publisher) , pornhub traffic noticeably dropping on launch day .

This is true and once you start playing you can see why.

During work hours I downloaded the Android Play store game Fallout Shelter  to keep me juiced until I get home.

@PhidMcAwesome recently made a graph to show how Fallout 4 will affect your life.

fallout 4 vs housework graph

As funny as it is, its also 100% true.

I gave new meaning to the word gaming slob during those first few days.

Should I get this game?

Yes – Yes OMG yes.  Even though I can’t vouch for its replayability (as currently for 7 days game playing I haven’t technically started) the staying power of Fallout 4 is out of this world.

While others maybe getting a sun tan this summer, I’m mostly likely going to be screen tan.  Thank you Fallout 4.

Got any questions for me on Fallout4 before you buy it? Just comment below and I’ll try to answer.