Facebook is officially taking on Twitch and Mixer with its Gaming Creators program which is aimed at helping gamers broadcast on Facebook’s gaming channel.

The program called ‘Level Up’ will give creators information and tools to jumpstart their live streaming communities on Facebook and earn money for their work. Key elements of the program include:

Early access to new features for live streaming: Level Up members may receive early access to new features, tips, and best practices from established gaming creators and customized access to Facebook support for troubleshooting and bug reporting.

As Level Up members grow their communities and hit milestones, they may also be eligible to qualify as partnered creators in Facebook’s gaming creator program.

Earn money with Facebook Stars: Emerging creators accepted into the Level Up program will also have an opportunity to earn money through native monetization tools on Facebook, including the fan support feature that we announced in January.

Now called Facebook Stars, that feature lets fans support their favorite gaming creators by purchasing and sending virtual goods during live streams

To be eligible for the program Creators have to had created a “Gaming Video Creator” page, Broadcast for 4hrs in the last 14 days, Broadcast on 2 days in the last 14 days and have at least 100 followers.

To start on stream simply click this link and follow the instructions in order to start your Facebook Gaming Journey.

Facebook will then invite you to the program once they checked to see that your gaming streams match community standards and their money eligibility standards.

In the meantime, Facebook is trialing a new gaming video destination on Facebook with the URL fb.gg, which will send you to https://www.facebook.com/gaming/ which is where FB aggregates live and pre-recorded gaming videos all in one place.

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