A non-spoiler review of Netflix new crime documentary series – Evil Genius

Netflix’s new crime drama Evil Genius is a bizarre story of a pizza delivery man who robs a bank with a bomb attached to his neck and is caught outside a Mcdonald’s restaurant.

In vivid clear video footage, it shows what happens next… the bomb explodes

The events that unfold from there are showcased in this new 4 part series documentary expose one of the most horrific and complex bank heists.

The storytelling itself can be at times as muddy as the sinister plot it exposes as it examines a plethora of characters, witnesses, and investigators.

Deconstructing the timeline of the crime the filmmaker introduces you to the life of the conspirators and the victim before properly introducing each character at pivotal points as their role becomes clear.

The appeal of this series is every character involved who seems innocent is implicated and every character introduced as guilty is implied as being somewhat innocent.

Throughout this documentary, viewers are often left to wonder why?

Why was this plot so elaborate?

Why did there have to be deaths?

Why were obvious clues not investigated earlier?

And while throughout this film you are pushed to believe that this scheme involved high intelligent was it so stupidly obvious who the mastermind/s were?

However, it is those very questions and more which kind of what makes this Netflix crime documentary so addictive.

The series does make its own conclusions rather quickly and expects the viewer to have formed the same opinion it still is a unique way of investigating an extremely diabolical crime.

Highly recommend

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