With ever increasing work hours, family commitments and sporadic attempts to have a social life, employees are turning to online shopping in order to ease the pressure and accumulate (or build) hours by avoiding retail stores.

As we head into Christmas, the amount of online shopping transactions  are expected to grow substantially with 49% of employees already in the US using mobile or tablets to conduct shopping.

However, according to a survey by Harris Poll for Career builder, the boss might not be as pleased.

Employers (in the US at least) are not so keen on the idea of their staff-saving time with 1 in 4 employers saying they’ve fired someone for non-related work activity.

Albeit not all employees are against online shopping, yet 33% of employers are bothered that staff use the interwebs for ‘non-work related’ activities even if the employee’s work is unaffected.

Nearly 35% of US employers monitor their staff’s online activities, with 52% restricting  access to social media.

Employers in the IT industry however best beware, such a strong stance on internet activities may result in losing nearly 68% of staff who all claim to shop online during work hours.

Those in Finanical Services are next with 65% of employees shopping online followed by sales at 63%.

The full list is below:

  • Information Technology: 68 percent
  • Financial Services: 65 percent
  • Sales: 63 percent
  • Leisure & Hospitality: 54 percent
  • Health Care: 53 percent
  • Transportation: 42 percent
  • Manufacturing: 40 percent
  • Retail: 42 percent

So while your employer may not like your online activities, I highly recommend shopping from your mobile in your break this Christmas season to score those killer online deals.