There is an immense range of options available when looking for a 2.1 speaker set up these days. From compact multimedia systems for your laptop through to the full-size home theatre arrangements that will annoy the neighbors and shake the fillings out of your teeth. With this myriad of options, it’s worth spending some time thinking about what you actually need from your speakers to determine what’s best for you. Once you’ve done that, look at the Luna E235 2.1 speaker system from Edifier. From the moment you set eyes on the Luna E235 speakers you are going to wonder how you ever lived without them. These speakers will challenge your senses because they look amazing and sound even better.

With their futuristic design, you’ll face the challenge of trying to convince yourself they don’t look out of place.


There are very few rooms these will comfortably look at home in. But they really do put out a great sound. The wireless subwoofer can be placed more discreetly if you like so don’t think these are going to be entirely in your face.

When you open the box you’ll find all the accessories nicely nesting in the top of the foam packaging. Beneath you will find the wireless subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers along with a package containing all the remaining cables and the small simple remote control. Your remote offers volume control, input source selection and 3 sound presets as well as bass level control. Being an IR remote it will require line of sight to the right satellite speaker to function. The sub and speakers are individually wrapped and come in nice cloth bags that keep them snug and protected from scratches, great if you are going to have to transport them.

When setting them up you’ll require 2 power outlets, one for the wireless sub and one for the 2 satellite speakers. The speakers and sub don’t need to be next to each other and you can place the sub in a different part of the room as long as there’s a power outlet nearby.

Input options consist of a standard 3.5mm jack, optical input and Bluetooth 4.0. An optical cable is included to ensure you get the best possible connection and being digital you won’t suffer any signal degradation between source and speakers.


The sub paired effortlessly with the speakers when powered on and a small coloured light on the right speaker will let you know what source is selected. Red: optical, Blue: Bluetooth, Green: Auxiliary. There is also a pairing button on the underside of the sub if it doesn’t connect automatically. The touch sensitive controls make for effortless adjustments and the small but solid remote means you can make changes from the comfort of your seat.

I found the sound to be incredibly powerful when watching movies. The amount of bass can be adjusted from the remote so you can crank it up high for the big action films and explosions then you can turn it down when it’s getting late so you don’t annoy the neighbors. Even in a really big room, the sound was solid. With full and clear sound the dialogue in movies is not lost in the rumbles or ambient parts of the soundtrack.

When listening to music the vocals are clear and crisp, not overpowered by bass. I felt the max volume could have gone a little higher but then when considering the size of the speakers they are already doing a great job. My phone easily connected via Bluetooth and offered impressive clarity when playing FLAC files or streaming Spotify.

Build quality is solid, no rattles, clean clear audio.


The design is not subtle and you may find it difficult to have them blend into your existing décor, but that is not what these speakers are about. They want to stand out amongst the crowded 2.1 range of speakers. They want to be noticed. And noticed they certainly are.

My only concern is the price. Currently, in NZ you are looking at paying between $686 to $849 NZD for this setup. For many, this may put them out of reach especially given the vast amount of options available in the 2.1 market. But if you are looking for great quality and price is not a concern then these are definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for something that’s not a plain jane run of the mill looking set of speakers then you can stop looking right now.

Edifier Luna E235 2.1 Speaker system







Available now in a range of colour options from PB Tech and MightyApe