Maker Studio’s, one of Youtube’s largest network, is in the process of being snapped up by Mickey Mouse for a Whopping $500 million.  And the final payout could reach up to $950 million if Maker Studios can reach all their goals.

Maker is the number 1 producer and distributor of online video.  Catering to the ever growing market of social and on demand millennial specifically targeting the younger millennial category.

Categorised into 4 sections, Maker allows users to select their own programming (according to the users tastes) in a simple, easy to follow format.  With content being supplied by Youtube producers.  Maker Users can select shows such as Bobby or Carebears under the Family Section, to PewdePie and Polaris under Mens.  With your typical Fashion and Inspiration shows under the Woman’s section to comedians and music in Entertainment.

An obvious move in Disney’s corporate strategy for online, “This gives a presence online to reach the millennial group that is increasingly getting its video online,” said Kevin Mayer, Disney executive vice president for corporate strategy. “And it gives us a lot of data to help promote our other businesses to them.”

Maker helps produce and distribute videos to more than 380 million subscribers worldwide across more than 55,000 channels. Its videos now collectively garner some 5.5 billion views every month.  Quite a nice little cheese slice for a mouse don’t you think?

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