With a rapidly growing gaming industry sweeping the globe it seems that anyone and everyone wants a slice of the action. So, if you’re a gamer ready to move into the realms of professional gaming or you just want to live stream your gaming antics with your mates, then there is a very real opportunity to make a living from it these days.

 Gaming is big. Really big, and that means money. Shit loads of money.

This comes as a coup for aging gamers that grew up being told video games would rot their brains and that they’d amount to nothing if they didn’t get outside and find a real hobby, or even worse, a real job. So, it’s a great big middle finger salute aimed squarely at dear old Mums and Dads across the world who clearly got it wrong. Yup, we showed them.

Unlike traditional sport, gaming is accessible to the masses. Not only can you follow your favourite team but there is always that glimmer of possibility that you could play with them yourself, even with that busted knee and lack of physical strength. We all know what it’s like watching sport and imagining ourselves out there being the hero. Now you can be.

So what do you do if you are you a budding gamer or you think you can entertain the crowds with your streaming hijinks? It’s hard to get noticed alone. Enter Digivizer.

Australian social and digital analytics technology company Digivizer has launched a new venture to tap the global esports and online games market. Goto.game is a media hub, run by gamers for gamers, designed to connect great content, events, activations, competitions and influencers within the one ecosystem.

Formed as a separate company that will operate alongside Digivizer itself, Goto.game is supported by Digivizer’s analytics technology, the same technology that Digivizer offers its commercial clients.

Digivizer and goto.game CEO Emma Lo Russo explains the decision to launch goto.game: “The gaming space is not new to Digivizer. We’ve provided social and digital insights and services in this market for clients that include Lenovo and Intel over the past three years. We’ve engaged some of the biggest influencers and esports teams in the APAC region, generating highly successful activations, streams, content and sponsorships, providing gaming and non-gaming brands with opportunities to be involved in the lucrative esports market.”

Goto.game from left to right. Jack Hudson, Fran Meliton, Emma Lo Russo, Phid Oldfield

Digivizer has worked with gamers and brands at some of the largest gaming events in Australia and have seen audience numbers for live streamed events that are far in excess of those that traditional sporting events can achieve.

Digivizer has recognised that gamers and esports teams want to connect with commercial sponsors, without compromising their values. Brands want to understand how to work effectively in what for many remains unfamiliar territory. And fans want to enjoy their gaming without selling out to anyone. Goto.game meets these needs. This is a gaming destination run by gamers for gamers.

Goto.game is already talking to top-tier gamers and esports teams, and launched with the support of clients AKRacing, Intel, and Legion by Lenovo. Goto.game will identify new sponsorship opportunities for brands, influencers and gamers, provide a web portal for news, opinions and reviews, develop and stage new esports events, and create and run social media activations.

Digivizer’s first breakaway venture

The new venture is aiming at the APAC market. Underpinning everything will sit Digivizer’s real-time analytics technology, providing insights for everyone operating in this new ecosystem –

corporate marketers, influencers and gamers alike. Goto.game starts operations as Digivizer approaches its seventh year of operations, growing its operating revenue 290% over the last year alone. Starting in classic Silicon Valley fashion with two people in an office smaller than one of the meeting rooms in its current location in the Sydney CBD, Digivizer now employs over 50 people. It has clients in ANZ, APAC, EMEA and the United States, in the IT, financial services, consumer products, automotive and corporate leadership segments. The company won the Carnegie’s Den round in May 2014, signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Deloitte in December 2014, and has concluded one round of private investment. Goto.game is its first breakaway venture.

Goto.game will be headed by Digivizer’s gaming team specialists Phid Oldfield and Jack Hudson and are supported by a team of gamers including their advertising specialists.


Those of you with a keen eye will recognise the name Phid Oldfield as the co-founder and head skinny guy from HashtagME. He hasn’t left us so don’t despair. He’s just too much McAwesome for one company to call their own. We look forward to collaborating with Goto.game on future projects.

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Digivizer launches Goto.game