The Digital Enterprise Show 2018 (DES2018) gathers visitors from more than 50 countries, including India, as a guest country partner of this edition, USAPolandIsraelChinaBrazil or Sweden, among others.

The main goal of DES2018 is to examine how technology is reshaping industrial sectors and companies, the major forces that are driving change in today’s world, deliver the keys and knowledge that allows attendees to learn, experience, meet, compare and buy the most advanced solutions to face up to the challenge of digitally transforming their businesses and becoming part of the new digital economy.

Its covering alot.

Amongst these, countries, speakers in attendance include Stuart Russell, world authority and leader of the World Economic Forum in Artificial Intelligence; Aristedes Mahairas, Head of the Cyber Operations / Cyber Division of the FBI in New YorkChristian Lifländer, Head of Cyber Defence Section at NATO or Alissa Johnson, former CIO from the White House and current Director of information security at Xerox Corporation.

Terry Von Bibra, General Director of Europe of Alibaba, and Max Amordeluso, Alexa lead evangelist of Amazon, will pass through the DES2018 scenarios. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, National Research Spanish Award in CS (2018); David Farrell, the leader of IBM’s AI Platform; Anne Hoyer, Director Leonardo IoT Solutions at SAP; Arun Sundararajan, expert in digital economy and the impact on the business network of the new models of the so-called Platform Economy or Walter Jennings, world authority on influencer strategies and VP of Corporate Communications at Huawei; will be other visionaries that will share the powerful keys and success stories so all the large corporations and SMEs attending can embrace real-world tactics to advance in the digital transformation journey.

In total, more than 18,000 professionals will be there to meet the most innovative products to help SMEs and large corporations join the digital transformation.

The point of this conference will be all about the Digital Transformation so will have a more corporate/ commercialization approach rather than a save the world aspect.

It’s approach this round is focused on economics and crowd-based capitalism with the keynote focusing on infrastructure transformation in industries such as health, energy, and transportation.

The event which is scheduled to last until May 24 is in Madrid.

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