Deadpool 2 is funny AF, with its silly and idiotic jokes somehow mashed into a storyline does make for viewing fun.

But it has some drawbacks, and to be honest, this is the kind of movie you would watch over and over again…but at home.

With the digital release due out in August, if you haven’t seen it yet, I wouldn’t rush to the movies to catch it.

This is the type of movie you want to pause and replay and the size of the screen is irrespective of your viewing entertainment.

You will enjoy this movie just as much from home, in your pj’s chowing down on affordable popcorn and much better beverages.


Deadpool 2 is a family movie.

Not in the family movie sense but the movie does center around the family theme, and we see our beloved character who cannot die find himself longing for family.

Enter in supporting characters (cause you can’t have a family of one) and some special effects as we watch our character evolve into a thing that cannot die without a family into a thing that cannot die with a family.

Who and how that family comes to be is the core part of the plot so we will end that particular plot note here.

The storyline has a strong arc as does anything that involves Deadpool does, so complicated storylines and intertwining arcs are devoid in this movie and that’s a clear sign that the movie whilst being a Marvel film is not a Marvel written movie, but a fox movie.

In saying that, the humor that fills this entire film most courtesy of the dialogue does make you appreciate the comedic genius of Ryan Reynolds and how much this film actually relies on the scriptwriting rather than its cinematics and action scenes to make this film enjoyable.


This is probably my biggest gripe, although it is an action movie that did entirely satiate my bloodlust that I always seem to get when watching Deadpool, the quality of the CG was its biggest letdown.

So bad that it brought me out of the storyline to actively cringe at the horrible graphics that I was being forced to pretend hadn’t happened.

A lot of this film is computer generated, and there were quite a few scenes where it felt rushed….incredibly rushed….and it showed.

The budget was obviously quite low as well, so a lot of the scenes are confined to indoor scenes with the majority of film spending on CG which makes me annoyed that greater care wasn’t made to ensure quality.

Had this film been given the proper time to film and greater care taken with the animated sequences Deadpool 2 would have made a bigger splash with properly repeat cinemagoers.

Actors & Characters

There are some old characters, new characters and a plethora of what seems to be a un-ending amount of cameo appearances.

In this film, we see Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds whose character is already well established along with Wade’s girlfriend ‘whats her name’ ( ok I was too lazy to google her name cause I never really got that attached to her) played by Morena Baccarin.

We are also united back with Blind Al played by Leslie Uggams, Taxi driver superhero wannabe Dopinder played by Karan Soni, and #metoo target T J Miller who plays the truth toting bar owner for assassins ‘Weasel’.

We also get back Xmen favourites Justin Beiber female version Brianna Hilderband who plays the lovable character ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ and Stefan Kapcic who plays Colussus.

The acting from the characters is superb as per normal and they carry a large portion of the film even if their roles seem somewhat minimal.

Despite this however, it bridges Deadpool’s two new worlds that fate has decided to combine and helps to introduce new supporting actors as well such as Cable played by Josh Brolin, the future soldier, Teenage super mutant Firefist played by Julian Dennison, and questionable super powered Domino played by Zazie Beetz whose superpower is luck and finally Shiolia Kutsana who plays Yukio from Xmen (and if you know your wolverine you will know why Yukio makes a debut in Deadpool)

Unlike most films where the majority of the film is one main actor and one supporting actor, each of these individual characters are supporting actors and actresses, and its hard to say which particular person stood out the most besides Deadpool.

Not because of the lack of skill, but rather quite the opposite, in a very short amount of time you feel like  you know all these characters and are able to bond with them.

The execution of each actor reminds you its a Marvel movie and pull off each character with Marvelesque quality.


The movie motion score soundtrack is hilarious and spoiler alert don’t read the names of each song, should you not wish to ruin your spoiler-free review.

However, if you do click here to read and listen to the soundtrack.

The Movie soundtrack itself fit the scenes and is far more diverse than that of Deadpool 1 movie soundtrack incorporating Cher, Dubstep and Hip Hop topped off with a beautiful song from the Queen of Canada Celine Dion.

Definitely a playlist for your Spotify.

How does this fit into the current cinematic Marvel Universe

Okay so without spoiling too much, Deadpool 2 actually clears the way should Disney be able to secure the rights back for Marvel from Fox Studios (which are currently up for grabs) and lays the storyline groundwork for Deadpool to be integrated seamlessly into the Marvel universe fold.

It also allows the introduction for more superhero’s to be entered into the Marvel Cinematic Universe without overcrowding other franchises whilst also allowing each franchise to cross over.


Okay taking into account that Deadpool is a comedic Marvel character I would have to give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

With the letdown of the CG animation and the obvious budget restrictions this could have been a much better-executed film and for this it loses 2 stars, however, it does highlight that in the end the script really does matter and if it wasn’t for the well-written script and ability to introduce soo many characters I would have straight annihilated this film.

Highly recommend watching just I would wait to see this film from the comfort of your own home if you havn’t seen it and hope like hell that  Disney does acquire it and gives the writer and director of this film Ryan Reynolds more time and better budget.

Will watch  over and over again just not in the cinema.



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