My first thoughts on this title were arghh another zombie shooter, but by the end of the presentation I was thinking arghh another ‘not’ zombie shooter.


Days Gone is the Zombie Apocalypse game for those that don’t like zombie games. This is because they aren’t zombies, they’re called freakers and they are quite alive although suffering the after effects of a nasty global pandemic virus.

From here on I shall call them Nombies = Not Zombies (freakers).

Once you come to terms with this you can go ahead and basically carry on thinking it’s another zombie game. Sorry, not sorry.


Set in the deserts of the Pacific North West you play as ex-biker turned bounty hunter Deacon St.John. The pandemic has left the country littered with hordes of deadly nombies that are here to make our days difficult. While the nombies are quite athletic they aren’t entirely clever and it seems they don’t have much grip strength as we can run through them without too much trouble.






The game itself looks fantastic and is beautifully rendered with dynamic weather effects that will also change the way nombies behave. The nombies (freakers) will also behave differently depending on their numbers with large groups adopting a much more aggressive horde mentality.


So we are hunting bounties, scavenging for useful bits and pieces and cruising around on a motorcycle while looking for a reason to keep on living. For the sharp eyed people of New Zealand, you will also notice the patch on his jacket clearly says Mongrel and on his side it says Nomad. Both of course are well known gangs here in NZ so clearly that will appeal to some more than others.snake1_1465877083-screenshot

We are told that his bike is significant when it comes to the story line but we are not yet told to what extent or if we can upgrade it and so on.

Most vehicles and buildings throughout the open world will be searchable and will offer up useful bits and pieces for crafting weapons and the like.


At this stage we are also not told if the virus that caused the pandemic is still active or why the infected freakers are so keen to get hold of us other than as a food source. When I asked about this it was explained that the freakers will not eat each other (fussy Nombies), and are drawn to the non-infected as a food source with the intention of devouring them. Any and all questions relating to the virus were deflected with the reasoning that it will ruin the storyline if divulged at this point.

Single player only, there is currently no plan for any multiplayer or co-op play.

They environment provides plenty of ways to evade and destroy freakers besides the trusty boom sticks. Interactive environment aspects are done quite well and will make for some fun slaughter.

So, if you like zombie games you will probably enjoy this title even though there are no zombies. If you don’t like zombie games, then you are in luck! Because there aren’t any zombies in this game, just days gone…