Rumours are flying about from both console camps of new improved hardware coming soon.
So far the specs that have surfaced have been somewhat disappointing when you look at the potential increase in performance that is available today.
So what do you actually want from your console?xbox-logo_318-9975
And do you want it to remain affordable or have prices skyrocket into the type of money reserved for high end gaming PCs?
It’s definitely a tough position for both Sony and Microsoft.
For developers the closeness of the consoles abilities probably makes it easier to develop a game to suit both consoles.
But.. they are also making them for PC with much much higher resolutions, frame rates and effects being allowed for.
The reality is that unless there is a huge drop in the price of this technology there just isn’t the scope to produce a console that is both affordable and offers any significant improvement over the current fps and resolutions we are used to.
Do we expect too much for too little? Yeah
The fact remains that the best games are the ones people enjoy playing. Not necessarily the best looking ones but the ones that are fun, entertaining, and offer tons of replayability. And value for money as well.
Take a look at GTA5, it’s been out since September 2013 and still has massive numbers of online players every day.
I believe this is due to free DLC. Gamers only had to buy the game once and not then shell out almost the purchase price again every 12 weeks for the DLC. The free DLC model works. They still offer micro transactions but these really only give you an advantage in the in-game economy. Everyone still has access to the new stuff regardless of what they’ve spent.
I believe they need to worry more about the players being able to feel they are on a level playing field for the lifespan of the game. Not just until the next overpriced DLC drops.
If the game NEEDS DLC then make it free or hold off releasing the title until the game is complete including the extra material.
Sounds pretty logical to us here.
Any way we wait with bated breath as the big boys jostle for superiority on paper and just hope they don’t lose sight of the consumers best interests. Let’s end the war and try to get them working together. For the gamers.