Casio G-SHOCK has announced the debut of the Ani-Digi Step Tracker watch for the women, as the traditional analogue watchmaker moves into the health wearable market.

The new watch features a brand new face design, with a large analog dial and small, singular digital dial.

It also includes an automatic step counter display, which provides an achievement indicator percentage, an activity graph of the last five hours, and a non-active alert so users can easily assess their progress throughout the day.

The watch is also 200M water resistant, shock resistant and will retail for a nice $130 USD this October in time for Christmas.

Casio making their watches more smarter has been a long process with the maker caught off guard by the increase in wearable technology.

Who in all respects, Casio should have been leading the way in the wearable market considering their history with both digital and analogue watches.

Now the watchmaker seems to have a keen interest in connecting analogue watches with digital, with analog capabilities an attractive employ considering its battery longevity.

But is this all a little too late?