For all of those playing the Facebook game, the Cambridge Analytica was the best thing to happen to Facebook and bring its well renowned founder to its knees.

Despite the fact that most people dont actually know what the data breach entails.


To recap this gloriously scandalous event: Cambridge Analytica was hired (by the now President Trumps) team to use data so that it could create personality profiles of US voters and create Memes to help influence the election.

Cambridge Analytica had received data from US voters, who were asked to take a personality test.

This personality test was an app that was downloaded on participants computers and collected their Facebook information, which was noted.

What wasn’t noted is it also got information to the participant’s friends list and their Facebook information.

Something Facebook said it shouldn’t have been able to do.

Resulting in one of the largest databases of individuals outside of Facebook and Google.

Facebook upon discovering this response to Cambridge Analytica by sending a strongly worded email asking for data to be deleted.

Cambridge pulls a ‘Kash me oudside’

Technically this isn’t a data breach but an illegal data harvesting and it raised the issue of propaganda and the use of data harvesting in order to influence elections and create discourse.

Analytica soon went bust after much to the praise of others.

But the truth is….it hasn’t really.

Let me introduce you to the rebranded Cambridge Analytica: Emerdata

Reported in March Emerdata Limited is a very familiar company with very familiar faces.

In fact its all of the faces of Cambridge Analytica with a few new faces from the Trump support team.

Its even headquartered at the same place in London.  Cambridge hasn’t shut down…its just rebranded.

Which suggests not only have they not deleted the data, they are still utilizing it.

After all, this is a company that specializes in disinformation, so its own news about shutting down is nothing but a red herring designed to make you feel justified.

Thats right peeps, Cambridge Analyticas death is fake news.

Meanwhile, I’d keep an eye on those memes and ads you are receiving.




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