The much awaited and eagerly anticipated Blops II will be hitting our shelves on the 13th of November. Thats right, mark it on your calendar or better yet preorder yours today. It will come in 2 editions, Hardened and Care Package. Care Package is a ridiculous $330 odd dollars and the Hardened edition is $118 (shop around EB, JB etc)

The Hardened Edition comes with a limited edition steelbook, 2 x challenge coins, DLC, Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025. For those that are familiar with Black Ops I Nuketown fast became one of the most loved and voted for maps in multiplayer.

The Care Package edition will come with the above coins and DLC and maps but in addition another remote control toy, this one will mimic the drone featured in the game as did the Hardened edition of Black Ops I, the MQ-27 DRAGONFIRE DRONE. In the first game you got a faux Plastic Explosive strapped RC car with cheap screen and cheaper video quality. I cant comment yet further on the drone other to say the size suggests it is a bit more hardcore than the RC car was, but initial pictures suggest the radio gear is pretty cheap quality and the quad rotors are surrounded in foam. I guess it is to make it light for flight, but they dont make 747’s out of foam do they and they fly.

One thing you did get with the first Black Ops however, was a year subscription to COD: Elite. It has been confirmed that neither edition of Blops II will come with a years subscription. The reasons for this will become apparent when the game releases so I understand.

When Modern Warfare 3 was released, a range of 4 headsets and also a bluetooth single ear style earpiece were available to purchase. Ranging again in price from about $189 for the Foxtrot (stereo wired) to $189 for the Charlie (5.1 wired PC only) to Bravo (stereo wireless)  to $450 for the Deltas (7.1 wireless)

In the same vein, the same day Black Ops II is released, there will be a range of headsets available for purchase also like MW3, from world renowned gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach.

I don’t want to waffle on too much just yet, I will update this blog with more info soon. For now, open up You Tube and watch some gameplay from the recent Gamescon.

Hope to see you back here soon.



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