Simply prints on Everything (SPoE) is a new kickstarter that brings commercial printing to your living room.

This little baby has high capacity garment ink cartridges that can print up to 100 shirts in full color with a single cartridge.

SPoE has interchangeable cartridges which allow the unit, which is smaller than most inkjet printers, to print on paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal, and clothing directly and without any pretreatment.

Each cartridge is expected to be priced under $30 with SPoE expecting to retail for $749 after the campaign

The printer doesn’t feed items through, you place the printer on top of what you want it to print.

It utilizes four independent tread systems that allow you to place the unit directly down on the surface you want to print on.

The brainchild of Joseph Zeleny, a print master with over 20 years of experience in print shops, SPoE has been engineered to give professional results.  “I was young and poor.  Because I was working two full time jobs and paying my own way through school, seeing the print shop I worked at turn down money drove me crazy.”

Zeleny dedicated himself to designing what would become SPoE, only to realize the technology wasn’t available in 1992, and prototyping costs alone were well outside of a struggling college student’s budget.  So he curbed his idea. It wasn’t until three years ago, when one of his former classmates brought SPoE up, that he re-visited the idea.  “With 3D printers making prototyping affordable, advances in printing technology, and enough experience behind me, I decided it was time to make SPoE a reality.”

This is a huge gamble for Zeleny who turned down working at Apple to make sure this kickstarter went ahead to ensure this product is brought to the masses in a timely manner.

SPoE is seeking $150,00 to make this product available to consumers.

You can find the kickstarter here.