Personally I don’t understand why you would want to sleep with headphones, but apparently there are many of you that do.

So to solve the problem of discomfort caused by trying to sleep with headphones on, Al Stevens inventor of Beat Lips Headphone pillows has devised a solution.

Beat Lips headphone pillows are designed with a gap in the middle to allow the speaker portion on any headphone to lie within it.

The pillows are filled with the perfect amount of microbeads to provide enough height, which doesn’t allow headphones to touch a surface.

This enables the speaker portion of a headphone to virtually float in the air so that pressure on your head is eliminated. The microbeads also help to form to any user’s facial features and neck providing complete support.

These pillows are not restricted for headphone use.

There are various ways to use a Beat Lips headphone pillow. The gap in the pillow can also fit a user’s wrist or ankle, which makes it great for an arm pillow, baby feeder, or a foot cushion.

Other uses include a vehicle headrest, seated cushion, leg pillow, backrest, tablet prop, and a regular pillow.

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