Damsel quite frankly is a cool and funky single player, arcade style game set in a grim cartoon world.

As Damsel, you are playing as a kick arse agent annihilating Vampires like cockroaches, with a UV gun.

But its the short learning curve, enhanced by the growing difficulties of each level that make this game awesome and addictive.

Best of all its Australian made and the only thing the developers need to push this game to the masses is $50,000 AUD which the studio “screwtape studios” is trying to raise on Kickstarter.

To help raise the profile this fantastic game will also be available for people to play at PAX in Melbourne, and if you are going I highly recommend checking this game out.

Here is what the game looks like:

And here is what it looked like when I played it

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So I suck at Arcade games, but I am pretty addicted to this game, constantly trying to better my score.

For this game, I am pretty hyped.

It’s a simple, fun, frustrating game with smooth (and I mean smooth) gameplay, I actually had to remind myself that this was an indie game, such is the high-quality one experiences while playing this.

If you are going to PAX in Melbourne later this month, search this game out at the event and if you can donate you can do so here on the Kickstarter. 

Help get Damsel out to the rest of the world.