For those that haven’t caught up with the Ashley Madison scandal here’s a quick rundown; A bunch of hackers released the ‘have an affair’ website account holders data to the world after the founders refused to bow to blackmail.

For the rest of us who already knew this, you will be just as surprised as I was to discover that the Ashley Madison fiasco is still ongoing.

A bunch of account holders (42 to be exact) have taken Ashley Madison to court for “failing to adequately secure their information, marketing a “Full Delete Removal” service that did not work, and using fake female accounts to lure male customers”.

Nothing new about this except for the fact that the 42 plaintiffs have requested to be anonymous.

Well fellas, if being anonymous didn’t work the first time why would you think that it was going to work this time.

And a judge agreed.

In his ruling Judge John A Ross wrote “being publicly named as an Ashley Madison user amounts to more than common embarrassment, but noted the 42 plaintiffs have special roles in the case that require identification.

The plaintiffs are “class representatives” and may need to testify or offer evidence, unlike “class members,” those in the lawsuit who do not need participate as actively..”

10 of the plaintiffs have already been identified.