Season 7 left us wondering….is Archer dead?

Season 8 will not only answer that question, but it will usher in the new “dreamland” series of Archer.

With a 40’s theme, the noir Archer is set in Archer’s comatose mind (oh yeah spoiler alert) where Cyril and Pam (who is now a man) are partners in his detective agency of which Malory is once again the boss.

Ray and Lana are in a band at a bar, Krieger is the bartender who regularly serves Cheryl ( an heiress, which she actually is) who frequents the establishment.

This series is actually going to be focusing on avenging the death of Woodhouse, the poor old loveable crack addicted father figure servant to Archer who disappears/dies in Season 5.

Archer premieres on the FXX network April 5th 2017….DANGERZONE!!!