In the coming months hype will rise again around the pride of Cuppertino, as Apple prepare to release the latest iPhone, the 10th anniversary edition!

Now it’s no secret that I have a disdain for iOS and the iDevices, there’s hours upon hours of audio on our podcast of myself and my beautiful co-hosts complaining about IOS, iTunes and joking about the ridiculous cult that buys every iPhone released.

However I can’t deny that the iPhone made an impact in the tech industry and brought the smartphone (not invented by Apple FYI) to popularity off the back of the iPod and iMac.

Apple had smashed it with the iPod touch, and  fans were asking for a phone long before they they got it.

When Apple finallyy came with the goods, it wasn’t perfect and had no way of installing apps, yet it was packed with tech nobody had seen.

Followed by the iPhone 3g, 3gs and I would say the last time they released anything amazing…. the iPhone 4.

Since the iPhone 4 Samsung rose to the king of the innovation hill with their Galaxy S range starting with the Galaxy S3 which was slimmer, had a bigger screen, more processing power, wasn’t made completely of glass which broke BOTH sides of your iPhone if you dropped it and all for a massively lower price; proving that not only could phones be better, but also cheaper!

Every iteration of the iPhone since the iPhone 4 has played catch up to its android counterparts.

Just last year the iPhone was heralded for its amazing dual camera… which Huawei had done months earlier.

But this year is the 10th Anniversary! the iPhone MUST bring it!… right?

Well if reports are to be trusted (and they have been pretty accurate), then Android fans are going to be having a fieldday with the “Oh that’s cute, we got that two years ago!” jokes.

Here’s the latest rumored additions for the next iPhone and when everyone else got it:

Wireless Charging:

While Apple will be getting wireless charging this year for the first time, this is probably the one piece of technology that is the most surprising to have taken this long to get to iPhone.

Not only have other phone companies had wireless charging for years starting with the Palm Pre in 2009 (Remember Palm?) but was actually available long before this on Oral B toothbrushes!

The stand out Androids with wireless charging are 2013’s Samsung Galaxy S4, Googles Nexus 7 and 2015s Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note5 for being the first with fast wireless charging over two years ago.

3D Sensors

When Lenovo and Google announced project Tango is was ground breaking! The crowd wowed and were honestly stunned at what was possible!

I know this as I was there, It was two years ago in Las Vegas during CES, In under a year the first Phone with this tech was released to the public named the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.


Samsung’s smartphones are famous for many things, one of them being their AMOLED (or, in recent years, Super AMOLED) displays. Almost all of Samsung’s high-end Android smartphones feature AMOLED screens, and, in fact, Samsung’s been using this technology even before launching its first Android handsets. However, the world’s first smartphone with an AMOLED display was not made by Samsung.

Announced in August 2008, and released in early October that year, the Nokia N85 was the very first smartphone to sport an AMOLED screen.

Curved Edge Screen

Really? Samsung EDGE…. ages ago!