Apple has sued Qualcomm in a second case this week.

Apple which sued Qualcomm earlier this week for abusing its position as the dominant supplier of communication chips for mobile phones, alleging the company not only breached Anti-Monopoly laws in China but its actions also amounted to extortion, has put forward a second lawsuit.

The second case alleges that Qualcomm had denied it access to chip technologies it was entitled to under the terms of an agreed licensing deal.

“These filings by Apple’s Chinese subsidiary are just part of Apple’s efforts to find ways to pay less for Qualcomm’s technology,” said Don Rosenberg, head lawyer for Qualcomm.

Last week, the US Federal Trade Commission sued Qualcomm claiming it had abused its dominance in modem chips for mobile phones.

Apple followed up with its own legal action seeking $1bn (£793m) in rebates and accusing Qualcomm of overcharging it for chips.

Qualcomm has been fined before, in 2015, it paid a $975mUSD fine in China following an anti-trust probe.

Apple, however, are themselves subject to a lawsuit and investigation.

The US trade commission has announced it will investigate a complaint by Nokia Technologies alleging that Apple Inc has imported smartphones, tablet computers and other electronics that infringe upon its patents.

The complaint by Nokia can be read here.