As investor confidence in Apple has decreased, largely in part to lagging sales of the new Iphone, Carl Ichans’ selloff his entire stock (Carl Ichan is an influential investor worth an estimated 18 billion), low valuation of its stocks and an underwhelming release of inspiring technology its easy to see why many think this may be the beginning of the end for the phoenix like company.

But it may not be the end.

Apple, after all, have come back from being virtually non-existent, to a trusted brand behemoth which in past years has seen it dominate the mobile and computer market with savvy and innovative marketing and designs.

While its recent setback in China (which Apple has pinned all its hopes on for growth) have no doubt attributed to the dwindling stock numbers, its certainly far from game over.

After all Apple hit its share peak value in 2011.

The technology industry may not be a understanding world, but challenges does not necessarily mean its the end.

Challenges can spawn creative and groundbreaking solutions which Apple have pulled off in the past.

Design god Jonathan Ive also known as the Chief Design Officer for Apple Inc is responsible for the look of Apple that many have come to know and love. From the ‘new’ design of the iPod, to the intuitive design of iOS.

And one thing you cant fault Apple on is its design.

Apple has already had colossal failures and still managed to return with rebooted design and tech to launch itself even further into households.

While most think of Apple’s iPad as the original tablet, its a surprise when you discover its not.

The Penlite was Apple’s first touchscreen tablet computer that would eventually be pushed aside for another device the Handheld PDA.

As history would recollect, the PDA market would be dominated by the now struggling Blackberry, and of course would knock out Apple completely out of the Handheld PDA market.

A favor that would be returned with the emergence of the iPhone nearly 15yrs later.

While I myself am not an Apple fanboy, even I would be foolish to completely predict Apple’s latest setbacks as a sign of a downhill trend.

I lament the company’s lack of technological inspiration but its still early days yet in this proverbial mountain Apple has to climb, but climb and conquer I do believe Apple can do.

Image Credit : Happier times,  Apple customers pose with their new Apple iPhone 5s phones at the Apple Retail Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York September 20, 2013. . REUTERS/Adrees Latif