/Apple event round up – October 2013

Apple event round up – October 2013

Hot after the previous event, Apple packed another hall and spewed out a bunch of new updates. The invite said “We still have a lot to cover” Now this got the speculators panties in a bunch (e.g. new covers, more colours blah blah blah). I just assumed they meant “Hey we have more stuff we couldn’t get to last time”. So here is the round up.

1st, the Hardware

iPad Air

The biggest new news in the hardware dept was the iPad Air. Its thiner, lighter and sports the form factor style of the iPad mini. Its 20%  thinner than its previous generation, at 7.5mm. They also upgraded to a 64-bit A7 processor (like the iPhone 5s), so its now 8x faster than before. It comes in White and Space grey and will be ready for purchase by christmas (off course).

iPad Mini – with Retina!

Yes this is the one a lot of people were waiting for. Many were disappointed that the 1st Mini didn’t come in retina. Now you can have all the eye candy you want as it has a 2058 x 1536 screen – same as the iPad Air. They must have fixed the battery issue as it can still last 10 hours. It come is the same colours as the iPad Air. No pricing yet but they say it will be ready for the holidays.

Macbook Pro’s

The Pros were left out of the when they updated the MacBook Airs earlier in the year, but are now back with a vengeance. They now have the Haswell processor which has increased the speed but the battery life will still be around 8-9 hours. They have also upgraded the Wifi (like the Macbook Airs – 802.11ac) which is almost as fast as plugging in a ethernet cable in my experience.

Mac Pro

This has been a long tine coming. The Pro community have been so patient and now they have been rewarded. This will be available in December (again holidays!) The specs include 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon, 12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300s, and 256GB SSD. I suspect most Pro users will upgrade to make it a power house video editing suite.

FREE Software!?!

This is the 1st time I have ever seen something for free from Apple, OSX Mavericks is a free upgrade – for any version of OSX (yes biggie!). Apple have improved many of it standard apps like Safari, Pages, Calendar and they added a Maps app that can integrate with your iDevice and iBooks for Mac too. iPhoto got an updated look on the iPad and now also has the Photobook creation feature. iMovie also got a redesign on iOS, and is much more focused on editing. iWork is now compatible across all Apple devices and on the web so you can collaborate with others –  trying to take on MS 365 and Google Apps.

The Winners

Looks like a lot of Pros will be happy with this set of announcements. Most people were hoping for a new iPad too (not to mention a retina Mini). But the biggest surprise was the free software. I don’t think Apples investors will like that, but they need to see the big picture. Having more users in the eco system only grows the potential for $$$ across the product range.
See anything you like? Let us know.