“OOush thats my fave villain” gushed my 17yr old sister Summer as I told her about my arvo talk with Teen Wolf Villain Peter Hale Ian Bohen.

“Did you tell him my name?” she demanded… I eye rolled.

But I totally got her excitement.

I watched Teen Wolf on Netflix as my guilty pleasure and loved watching the v-neck shirt wearing alpha wolf male, so when I got the chance to share a bit of time with the Teen Wolf superstar I was reduced to a blithering teenager up until the day.

And on the day I was just blithering.

Me:”Hi Ian, thank you so much for taking the time out to speak me..fuck.. I mean speak with me.”

Ian: No thank you, thank you for wanting to talk with me, I appreciate that, now lets get your article going so we can advertise Ozcomiccon

[Me: Shit… yes that’s why I am here ok, quick think of something smart, an original one liner to segue into, one he hasn’t heard before, quick]

Me: Yes, of course, Ozcomiccon!! YAY…[silence…..Dammit I’m an idiot, recover, recover]…  So I have a few questions from some fans that I’ll just jump straight into, [face palming myself right now] one of these questions is ‘How did you end up on Teen Wolf?’

Ian: Well I actually auditioned to play Alan Deaton the vet, that Seth plays, and I did the audition and thought I’ve got this. People asked how I went and I was really confident, I read well, and I was confident that I would hear back and then I got the phonecall and he says to me ” You didn’t get it” – and I was pissed.

“But,” he says “we have this other role that we think you will be perfect for” and I was like okay what’s the job? And he says to me “I’m not going to tell you” so I end up getting sent these scripts and asked to read them and I didn’t understand anything, it made no sense to me and they liked it and we started filming.

ME: So what happened then on the first day of filming if you didn’t understand it?

Ian: Well I turn up for the first day of filming and they put all this burn makeup on me and ask me to lie down on this bed.

And for 3 days I was filmed in a coma, and I’m lying there with all this burn makeup playing a comatose patient and I’m thinking to myself as scenes are being shot around me.. This is the SHITTIEST job  you’ve ever had Ian.

So after the third day of acting ‘a coma’ I go up to the writers and I’m like what the fuck, and they explained to me, “look its going to get better, you’re playing an alpha male, you’ll come out of the coma, you’ll be in scenes with the others.

And they were right, I ended up in a few scenes with the guys and from there it just grew and I have fans coming up to me now.

ME:  Talking about your fans, because it’s teen wolf your fan base is quite young, and female, most of these girls are in high school or just leaving high school what is that like having such a young base of adoring fans?

Ian: Laughs, its not even weird, teenage girls are cool, they like what they like and they will let you know when they DON’T like something.  I often have quite a large group of girls coming up to me and critiquing me…not so much me.. critiquing my character and what Peter should or shouldn’t have done.

The next generation of viewers are so important and if I can help foster and direct that critique into a constructive outlet then for me that’s a successful outcome.

Look I’m not young, so being in this position where for them they can articulate their passion and what matters to them even though Teen Wolf doesn’t deal with very very heavy topics, and to be a part of something that gives them that outlet or place where they can talk to you, its amazing.

ME: You mentioned you are not that young, and your co-stars are considerably younger, And in the show you have shirt off ALOT..

Ian: Laughs [ I melt at the sound of his laughter] yes, um well

Me: Trust me babe I’m not complaining..

Ian: Giggles [OMG I made Ian Bohen giggle]

ME: But in all seriousness how much pressure was there for you on Teen Wolf to maintain a certain type of body and fit that body image ideal? As a male in the US TV scene, did you feel any pressure to keep up this ideal body image?

Ian: OH MY GOD YES, there is an incredible amount of pressure for men in this industry it’s crazy.  And especially at my age [FYI He’s 40] . Where I had to work triple hard to keep up with the guys. And so do they.

You have to watch what you eat, maintain an exercise regime, as a male actor you have to look fit, and you are trying just as hard as some of your female colleagues to meet this standard or perception of what a hot body should look like.

And its not easy.. for anyone.

And for us males, we feel that pressure, that’s why we go to the gym, why we watch what we eat and drink, and then you put that into a long filming day 15-20hr film days or whatever and you still have to go to the gym to workout so you can look that good.

Its crazy…crazy.

ME: Is this a requirement for all roles?

Ian: No and that’s craziest part.  For other roles it could be a bonus but the weird thing is you could do all of this for one role and be required to look a certain way for another.  Maintaining that body image does not guarantee you a role.  It may help or as I said be a bonus.

ME: By maintaining that image, did that help you to secure these other roles you have been working on? Cause I see you have been quite busy since Teen Wolf ended.

Ian: I…mmm… good question, for some it helped, for others no, being fit helped in some of the roles.

ME: So which roles did being fit help out in?

[Yes I am objectifying him in my thoughts..yes I get the irony..no regrets, continues to daydream]

Ian: So this year I’m in a adaption of Little Women which comes out later this fall, the Sicario sequel Soldado which I think comes out next year and I’m in a new series called Yellowstone which I would say is akin to a Western version of Game of Thrones.

ME: You would have been filming these during Teen Wolf then?  How do prepare yourself to play these characters?

Ian: Like any actor you absorb your circumstances to play the character.

ME: And how do you unwind, how do you break yourself away from the character?

Ian: Martini

ME: Sounds like my lunch

Ian: Me and you girl

Me: Giggles like an idiot [starts daydreaming of having Martini’s with Ian]

Ian: Look we do long days and long hours of filming and you just want to check out and relax and have some fun with your co-stars. And having that release every now and then and just being you with all your fellow cast and crew is awesome and you need that.

ME: Talking about fun with the Teen Wolf crew, what was your most enjoyable moment of the set.

Ian: Oh my god, it was in season 2 and we are shooting in an eerie forest, it was in the middle of the night, it was dark, misty and cold and all of us were running around howling, chasing each other

ME: Shirts off?

Ian: Shirts off, giggles, [I’ve just melted] it was just magical being there in this spooky forest, perfect setting and having fun, just having fun, that by far was the most magical and most fun I’ve ever had.

And that Teen Wolf fans, is where I am going to leave this interview… to share the rest of his interview in the HashtagME podcast.

Now Ian as of this moment is currently in Sydney doing “touristy shit” so if you think you just saw Peter from Teen Wolf hanging around the Sydney Opera house, you probably did.

He’s just finished up at Brisbane Oz Comic Con and he will be at the Sydney Oz Comic con this weekend meeting and talking with fans.

If you want to see the alpha male villain in person head over to the Oz Comic Con website to pick up your tickets for the Sydney Oz Comic Con or just click this link.

If you go to Sydney oz comic con and see some crazy chick holding a bunch of martini’s that’s probably me, come say hi, I’ll be in the line waiting for Ian Bohen.