Amazon dash is the literal translation of shopping with just a push of a button.

It is literally a button that you push that orders and sends your product to you.

Imagine you’ve just been in the loo and you’ve just finished the last of the toilet paper.

Next to where you keep the rolls of toilet paper is a small button labelled with your favourite toilet paper brand.  Press the button and Amazon deliver you your toilet paper.

Or perhaps picture this, you’ve just run out of your stash of RedBull, you close the fridge door and there is a RedBull button there.  Press the button and Amazon instantly send you a new stock of RedBull.

Well, that my friends, is Amazon dash, and it’s just been released in the UK.

No need to bother with that pesky app shopping, simply press the button and your product of choice is delivered to your front door.

Amazon one dash

To set up and manage your dash button you do need the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone, and it works in any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

You don’t need your phone to order – just the wifi connection.

Once set-up is complete, a notification (if enabled) is sent to your smartphone every time an order is placed.

Once Dash Button is pressed, the indicator on the button will turn green when an order is successfully placed or red if the order was unsuccessful.

Now if you’re worried that you might accidently press it several times resulting in multiple orders, fear not.

Amazon have made a ‘protection’ feature that prevents you from ordering the same product again until your delivery arrives.

Amazon dash is one button per product.  Which does mean you may end up with a bunch of buttons.

Each button costs $4.99 USD but this is credited back to you after your first button push order.

Available only to Amazon prime members