Access Granted podcast featuring Mike Riversdale and Raj Khushal focussing on the people of the tech community nationwide. 
Tech, social media, startups and upstarts in this space with a bit of marketing thrown in.
Dissecting the stories in Tech, media, social.
Raj’s background is in Film, design, media and tech, and you may know Mike from such ventures as Barcamp, Waveadept, 
You are here because you’re a kiwi that either works in or has a passion for Tech or Media in NZ.

Don’t take Mike and Raj’s jibber jabber as gospel, check out this and all episode show notes to get the links and make up your own mind. The notes are at 

can find Mike and Raj on Twitter at @nzraj or @miramarmike. You can follow this podcast on
@hashtagradionz or go to the website

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