4.00 Beta Goes Live

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) today revealed the highlight features included in the beta for the next major system software update 4.00, codenamed SHINGEN, for PlayStation®4 (PS4™). As part of the beta phase, players can personalise their PS4™ experience and enjoy a slick new streamlined interface, as well as discover new ways to connect and share.

Through the update, the overall look and feel of PS4’s main User Interface (UI) has been improved and will feature new system backgrounds, updated system icons and revised pop up notifications, all of which come together to offer a more refined and accessible experience.

Immersed players will now no longer need to leave gameplay entirely in order to access both the Quick Menu and Share Menu; both have been overhauled to run faster and take up only a portion of the screen when summoned, continuing to offer a range of popular features, including viewing trophies.

Designed to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible, the Quick Menu now includes the option for players to customise their own display. This means they can order their menu to show Online Friends, plus create and arrange the order of shortcuts to quickly access their favourite functions; including Community, Broadcast and more.
The Quick Menu features a number of new benefits designed to further enhance the experience, these include instant access to Audio Sharing Settings during broadcasting, the option to locate trophy details throughout gameplay, and allows players to check out who they are currently playing with.

The Share Menu will now automatically save the last social network used; making the process of sharing a screenshot or video significantly faster and more streamlined. Players can now also upload video clips to Twitter of up to 140 seconds (previously up to 10 seconds could be shared), as well as easily share screen shots directly to a Community wall.

The update also provides players with significantly increased Library organisation capabilities, making it simple to see at a glance what is installed and ready-to-play, as well as view their total content via a new tab called Purchased Content.

This new tab has the ability to show the full list of content owned including all betas, demos and games downloaded, meaning that the main library will now show only content currently installed. This will make access simple, declutter the Library and help always give players an immediate view of what is available and installed.

A set of new tools will also allow players to create their own folders on PS4’sContent Launcher and Library, making it possible to sort by purchase, date or install status. It will also be simple to search for specific games and apps via a text input mechanic.

In addition to enhanced organisation, this update brings a number of Trophyimprovements. The Trophy icon will now reflect how rare a trophy is thanks to a new look Pyramid icon which places ultra-rare trophies at the top. A new button has also been added which enables players to view the content of a Hidden Trophy. The trophy will remain hidden by default but this button makes it possible to show the name and information associated with it.

For players eager to keep track of their Trophy collection at all times, this update offers Offline Mode, a feature allowing access to the Trophy app even if a system is not connected to the internet.

Lastly, the User Profile has had a makeover to make it easier to see relevant information for a player at a glance. For example, players can see how their trophy progress compares with others, simply by checking out their profile.  Profiles can also be personalised with a chosen background image – ideal for showcasing a screenshot taken from a favourite game.

The final update has even more features for players to enjoy, for more information on the beta for system software update 4.00, please visithttp://www.playstation.com.maxresdefault