/Your 30pin apple docks have alot of life left in them!

Your 30pin apple docks have alot of life left in them!

Beats dockSo you embraced the Apple iPhone from the outset and of course the multitude of docks, clocks, sound systems, and car accessories that jumped on the bandwagon. Life was sweet.

But then they changed things. “Lightning connector” What is this magic? It sure looks better than that big old 30-pin connector the old iPhone 4 had. You NEED the latest and greatest. You HAD to have it! But wait… now none of those cool docks, clocks, sound systems, and car accessories will work with your flash new iPhone 5!!

Surely there is an adapter available? Yes there is but Apple cleverly made it so only genuine Apple adapters will work (in most cases). This ruins your online search for a cheap alternative. So now what? Game over? Sell all the toys?

BTrec2I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who like me ditched the iPhone and went to the dark side (Android). I have all these docks as well but no iPhone or iPod. The good news is there’s a cheap and easy solution.

You can buy a 30-pin adapter that fits perfectly onto that dock and connects via Bluetooth. Mine cost me $7.19NZD delivered! Good old EBay to the rescue.

We have no less than 5 docks in our household. Some were purchased intentionally and some that were just a bonus feature on an item we bought for other reasons. Now I can use any Bluetooth capable device to stream audio via those docks.

Yes it’s cheap, but it is amazingly easy to use and the sound quality is great. If you have these old 30-pin docks floating around the place gathering dust I highly recommend looking for one of these.

BTrecTry searching “30 pin Bluetooth receiver” online. Prices seem to vary greatly and you can pay a small fortune if you like, but I was happy to wait a couple of weeks for it to come in the post. I love cheap and easy. And I love using my expensive docks that have plenty of life left in them.