Ahead of his scheduled meet and greets with fans at the Brisbane and Sydney Ozcomicon I get 30mins with David Giuntoli who plays Nick from the cult series Grimm

It’s every Grimm fans dream everywhere to speak to the one and only David Giuntoli who played Nick on the hit cult show Grimm.

But like every typical kiwi girl who works from home, I was on the loo in my Pj’s and Jandals, when the call came through.

I rushed through my business to pick up the third and final call from a very frustrated PR manager who calmed down slightly once I told her the situation, grateful she couldnt see me in my embarrassed state.

Politely she put me through to the man himself and with a shaking hand I began.

ME: Hi David, its Charis from Hashtag ME here, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me today

[Note I am composed and professional as fuck]

David/Nick: Not at all Charis thanks for wanting to talk to me

ME: I have a bunch of questions here from Fans in Australia and New Zealand so do you mind if I jump straight in?

David/Nick: Not at all, Always have time for my fans and I love New Zealand, beautiful place

ME: You’ve been to New Zealand?

David/Nick: Yes I was there last year around May for a convention in Wellington and me and my mate went to umm Queensla..no Queenstown, took a helicopter up the mountains, it was amazing everyone was sitting there on their iphones and I was just looking at all, overwhelmed by how beautiful it is.

Photos just don’t, they just can’t capture the enormity of it.

Such a beautiful place, you’re secret is safe with me

[Me to myself: I think its out with Lord of the Rings but hey whatever rocks your boat bud]

ME: Any plans to go back, will you be popping on a plane to head over since you are in Australia?

David/Nick: Not this time, but I would love to take Bitsie over.

ME: Bitsie hasn’t been over yet?

David/Nick: No not yet, she was going to come with me last year but plans changed, but I’m definitely bringing her over.

ME: Well Winter in Queenstown would be a perfect time to bring her over

David/Nick: (Giggles) oh yes it would

[I have just melted on Bitsie’s behalf]

ME: Since we are on the topic of Bitsie, I have a question from a NZ fan, what was it like to work with your partner?

David/Nick: Well she’s my wife now, we got married after the show, and you know what, it can either go really bad or really right. And when it goes right, it goes really right, and in my case it went really well.

ME: So you two met on the set of Grimm?

David/Nick: No we actually met on a movie we had done previously together, where she denies my marriage proposal, Bitsie hasn’t just declined my marriage proposal on the set of Grimm, she’s declined me many many times, including in real life!

ME: Well it took a few times for me to accept my husbands prospals as well, so I know where my girl Bitsie is coming from

David/Nick: Laughs [I melt again] see, see you know, you know what it’s like, laughs [I’m now just a pool of water on the floor]

Call is kindly interrupted by PR manager: Reminder you have 10mins left

ME: [what a kind bitch]: Thank you

David: Oh yeah thanks

ME: Sorry as I was saying earlier I have a bunch of questions from your fans in New Zealand and Australia, one is from Kiwimrsmac who wants to know did you have any creative input during the series?

David: No, not really, a few times but the series writers Stephen (lists a long name of writers list) did a fantastic job and they didn’t come to us looking for creative input, I generally didn’t know what was happening until I received a script

ME: How long would it be till you received a script?

David/Nick: We would get scripts 2 months from shooting an episode

ME: The show dealt with some very heavy topics that often drew direct parallels to the real world, after filming those scenes how did you break yourself away from that?

David/Nick: Nick dealt with heavy topics, he was very rarely in a good place, and breaking away from that, came down to the towel, its all about the towel.

After 15hrs on set, I’d go back to my trailer and wipe off the makeup, and there is a lot of makeup, and once you got that hot towel and wiped away that makeup, it was like wiping away the day.

Its not the unwinding thats the hardest, its the preparation?

ME: Preparing for those scenes?

David/Nick: Yes, you would get the script and I would be at home and I’d be somewhere just reading over and over and over again, imagining what it was like [for Nick] and it gets boring after a while. No really it can be quite boring, but you keep reading and reading and getting yourself where you are ready.

But at the end of the day, it all comes back to the hot towel.

ME: Now that the show has ended what are you doing, what new adventures are you going to be a part of?

David/Nick: I had earlier this year filmed for a series that didn’t get picked up and Im currently waiting on a new series that has been picked up that I’m waiting on.

ME: So you don’t have any personal side projects going?

David/Nick: You have to do as much as you can so I have a ton of things cooking.

ME: Do you put any of your side projects up on places like Youtube etc?

David/Nick: No, look I have two requirements for any piece of work, is it paying and is it good and I don’t think Youtube circles enough of those requirements for me.

ME: Oh so its all for the money?

David/Nick: You think I do this for the LOVE??? NOOOO (laughs)

[Can someone stop this guy from laughing its making it hard to concentrate]

ME: So what is a good project for you? What does that good project look like?

David/Nick: Im looking for something more comedic, not Grimm. People start to see you in a certain way, and I don’t want that for me.

ME: So you don’t want to be stereotyped or casted into this genre constantly, I understand, so a more comedic role is what you are looking for?

David/Nick: Yes, its different, its very difficult to play someone [such as Nick] who was intense, I would like a role that’s just as fulfilling as Nick but different.

ME: Now that Grimm has ended I imagine you would have left Portland where the series was filmed?

David/Nick: Yes, Bitsie and I bought a place in Los Angeles

ME: How is LA treating you?

David/Nick: Good

[Awkward silence]

Me: Ok um what was it like having to leave Portland, and friends and the life you built up there

David/Nick: It was hard, Portland is such a wonderful tiny little town, it was tough to say goodbye.  Grimm was filmed there for 7years so having to pick up and start again, was hard, but if you ever get the chance to go check out Portland its just a wonderful place.

Me: And while you were there filming Grimm, what was the most enjoyable moments for you?

David/Nick: I was a big fan of scenes where every character was involved in the storyline, you could go months without seeing friends because they weren’t in a scene you were in and in other scenes, so for me when everyone was there was when I had the most fun, altogether at the spice shop.

I loved that one time when we are all together in the spice shop

Me: One time?

David/Nick: Yes we filmed once at the actual spice shop

Me: So the Spice Shop is a real place?

David/Nick: Yeah, we filmed once in the actual store when we introduced Rosalee, and because Rosalee was such a hit, the shop was rebuilt in studio.

Me: OMG that is amazing!

And that, fellow Grimms is where I am going to end this portion of Nick from Grim aka David Giuntoli interview and save some bits for the Hashtagme podcast.

Now David Giuntoli aka Nick is going to be at the Brisbane OzComicCon this weekend 23-24 September and next weekend at Sydney OzComicon  30 September – 1 October along with fellow co-star and wife Bitsie Tulloch doing meet and greets with fans.

So don’t pass up your opportunity to meet this Grimm duo in an once in a lifetime opportunity that will probably never happen again.

Tickets for Brisbane start at $37.50 for Adults $20 for Children for a day pass which you can buy here  

Tickets for Sydney start at $37.50 for Adults $20 for Children for a day pass which you can buy here

And for more details on the David aka Nick interview keep your eyes out for the HashtagME podcast.   For those going to the Sydney OzComicon be sure to say hi I’ll be there taking pics and lining up to get my photo with Nick and Julia from Grimm.

Grimm is currently available on Netflix in both Australia and New Zealand.