Here are just some of the reasons why you should see Moana

1.Moana ain’t no princess, she is a heroine.


To be honest she could whip the evil queen, as well as tell Elsla to chill the f**k out. 

Devoid of pink frilly dresses and desire for hierarchal echelons, Moana is not a princess.  

She is a chiefs daughter who has a responsibility, and that responsibility will lead her on a great adventure.  

2.The combination of stories of Maui from around the pacific are awesome!

Maui is a common story amongst all the pacific nations from Hawaii to New Zealand.

In Moana you quickly catch a glimpse of some of these stories.

Even seeing just a few of the myths of Maui is a pleasurable experience.

3.Death has never displayed so beautifully


Death is not a taboo subject in the pacific nations.

Its a beautiful transition of the soul, and the death scene in Moana is not only touching but truly cultural appropriate….much less traumatic than bambi thats for sure. 

4.Moana has no love interest and it’s Awesome


Our girl Moana is way too busy to be bothered by a love interest…thank the lord. 

5.Trying to identify all the pacific cultures is fun


Whether it’s the pounamu heart to identify Maori culture or the headpieces of the cook islands, just trying to identify which culture Moana gives a nod to is fun and will keep you busy throughout the film.

6.Showing the involvement of nanny is a relatable family dynamic that most will relate too


The connection to old traditions is uniquely displayed by having grandma around.

It’s also a pacific culture requirement.

So having a nana in this film is  not only important but makes the inclusion relatable as well as acknowledging the involvement of family in pacific culture.

7.Maui is everything you expect Maui to be


Maui is a cunning trickster demigod, he’s cocky, smart and strong and Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson plays him perfectly.

8.The bad guy…is pretty badass


Te Ka would make even the evil queen from Snow White curl into a ball and start rocking back and forth.

9.The ocean is a character


The ocean is an actual character in this film who has some great comedic and touching moments.  

From the beginning of the film through to the end, you always left with this feeling that she is never truly alone, the ocean is with her still. 

10.Moana has no superpowers


Unlike Elsa, Moana doesn’t have superpowers, she doesn’t have a fairy godmother like Cinderella and she doesn’t need a bunch of dwarves either.

Moana is a smart, adventurous young girl who takes to the seas with just her heart and her mind. 

Moana will find her own way….thank you very much.