YouTube channel of the week – DanceTutorialsLive

So your kid wants to be able to bust out some hip hop styles akin to Step Up.

Or you may be a professional dancer looking for further inspiration, or you may be a hot 20’s something who wants to learn how to dance.

Or you are just a 35yr old mother like myself (who is wondering where that extra chub on my lower back came from) and wants to find a way to exercise that’s fun and engaging.

Let me introduce you to Matt Steffania YouTuber who brought you these videos….

Also does these tutorial videos…

Thanks to his DanceTutorialsLive channel which puts out a new routine every fortnight taking you through step-by-step the routines.

Now this channel is dedicated to providing you with the best online tutorials and give you the tools to grow and succeed as a dancer.

They find the best instructors from around the world to teach you choreography, technique, fitness, make up and even give you their industry secrets on how to become a professional dancer!

And put all on their Youtube channel.

Now Matt Steffania is arguably one of the most subscribed to dance channels. having made  dance available to everyone regardless of location or finances was Matt’s goal when he started creating online tutorials 10 years ago

According to his own website making dance available to everyone regardless of location or finances was one of his goals when he started creating online tutorials 10 years ago.

He’s worked on  So You Think You Can Dance, The Ellen Show, Step Up, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Krewella, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and was on 2016 America’s ‘The Amazing Race’ which he ended up winning.





Charis McAwesome

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