Social Media Impact on TV

A report recently based on consumer tracking has released it’s results to paint a picture of the impact social TV is having on the changing television landscape.

In a surprising twist twitter which has normally seen a decline in engagement regarding TV has in fact had a resurgence with the demographic market termed “Social TV engager” population, increasing by 28% in just the last six months.


For those posting tv related comments it seems the social tv engager dominates Facebook with twitter and YouTube equally tied, Instagram third, Snapchat and then Tumblr.


Keep in mind that Facebook though consumes 86% of the “Social TV engager” engagement.


The notable insight is how high News ranks in terms of Social TV Engagement activity on a genre basis.

  • News was selected by 48.1% of Social TV Engagers as one of five genres of prime-time TV content about which they have voted, posted, shared or commented.

News tops the list followed by Drama, Sports, Reality, Sitcom and Talk Shows.

To view the full report click here.










Charis McAwesome

Charis McAwesome is the full time writer of hashtagme and was previously a social media manager/advisor to companies including Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Deloitte, Tertiary institutions, banks and many more. Charis still provides digital strategy and big data analysis as a consultant.